Hunter X Hunter (2011)

Genre: Drama/Character Profile

Song: “Night Terror” Laura Marling

Credits: “Pandora’s Box” Collide

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Notes: Alluka is a girl. No gender debates please. Any comments talking about it will be deleted as I want my comments section to be a safe space for trans people. Thanks!

Originally I wanted to edit with Alluka to a completely different song, but I don’t have that much footage to work with so unfortunately it didn’t work. Either that or something really short and horror-esque using just footage of Nanika, but I couldn’t find anything that fit.

This song in particular has been one of my favorites for a while now, and after listening to it again I kinda started this project on a whim, and somehow it ended up working better than I thought it would. Anyways, this video is for my friend Vicky! I always wanted to make a video for her about her favorite princess, so I hope she enjoys it ^^