Attack On Titan

Genre: Trailer

Song: “Richat” Mark Petrie

Credits: N/A

Download: Direct |

Notes: This wasn’t really supposed to be a trailer up until I realized the title worked out rather nicely at the end haha! I really liked the drums in this song and because there’s so much spinning and flips and crazy shit in Attack On Titan I really just wanted to mess around motion synching it to the drums. I get a lot of people telling me that the scenes are far too fast in this video – which I understand, but to be honest I don’t do it deliberately to blind people! I guess after years of editing flashy and fast paced stuff, my eyes process things a lot faster than other people ^^;;

2 thoughts on “Überfall

  1. ooh I loves this \ o v o /

    I think it would have been really awesome to add some soundtrack on top (character speech ect) from the anime though (similar to how movie trailers are :>)

  2. This should have been the trailer for the anime 😛


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