Various (10+)

Genre: Sentimental/Romance

Song: “Bloodstained Heart” Darren Hayes

Credits: “Feel” Darren Hayes

Download: Direct |

Notes: Dedicated to Ash, Eli, Stephen & Vicky

You must first consider that a human life is an ongoing process that involves a constantly changing physical body as well as an enormous number of rapidly changing thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Your life therefore is an evolving experience, a continual flow. You are not a thing; that’s why any label is constricting, highly inaccurate, and global. Abstract labels such as “worthless” and inferior” communicate nothing and mean nothing.

But you may still be convinced that you are second-rate. What is your evidence? you may reason, ‘I feel inadequate. Therefore, I must be inadequate. Otherwise, why would I be filled with such unbearable emotions?’ Your error is in emotional reasoning. Your feelings do not determine your worth, simply your relative state of comfort or discomfort. Rotten, miserable internal states do not prove that you are a rotten, worthless person, merely that you think you are; because you are in a temporarily depressed mood, you are thinking illogically and unreasonably about yourself. Would you say that states of mood elavation and happiness prove you are great or especially worthy? Or do they simply mean that you are feeling good?

Just as your feelings do not determine your worth, neither do your thoughts or behaviors. Some may be positive, creative, and enhancing; the great majority are neutral. Others may be irrational, self-defeating, and maladaptive. These can be modified if you’re willing to exert the effort, but they certainly do not and cannot mean that you’re no good. Because there is no such thing in the universe as a worthless human being.

– “Feeling Good” by David Burns, page 79″


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