Project Elysium


Various (50+)

Genre: Dance

“Bass Worker” Basshunter
“Heaven” Basshunter
“I Will Touch The Sky” Basshunter
“T-Rex (Jurassic Park)” Basshunter
“Welcome to Rainbow” Basshunter
“Transformation Bass” Basshunter
“Ievan Polka” Basshunter
“Tetris” Basshunter
“I Can Walk on Water, I Can Fly” Basshunter
“Vifta Med. Handerna” Basshunter
“En Porrig Somar” Basshunter
“Shut the Fuck Up” Basshunter
“Mellan oss tva” Basshunter
“Hallaa Dar” Basshunter
“Professional Party People” Basshunter

Intro – Chiikaboom – Purple Software
Track1 – Narutobattousai – Fate/Stay Night, Garden Of Sinners
Track2 – Eva-fan, ScorpionP – Earth Girl Arjuna, Mai Hime
Track3 – Ghet – Club To Death Angel Dokuro-chan
Track4 – Radical_Yue – Amazing Nuts
Track5 – Moonie – Various
Track6 – -BL- – Vampire Knight
Track7 – SenshiMamoru – School Rumble
Track8 – Chiikaboom – Potemayo
Track9 – Takefuji – Final Fantasy: Last Order
Track10 – Inverse – Various
Track11 – Bakadeshi – Various
Track12 – Takefuji – Death Note
Track13 – Chiikaboom, Inverse – Princess Tutu
Track14 – Inverse – Soul Eater
Track15 – Aerialesque – Noein
Track16 – ZetZu – EF: A Tale Of Memories
Track17 – ZetZu, Neverend – Air TV, Air Movie
Track18 – Niwa-kun – Sola
Track19 – Chiikaboom, Pas1990 – Various

Download: Direct |

Notes: This was my first MEP I ever ran, just me and some of my buddies editing colorful stuff together.

For those who do not know, Basshunter is a Swedish DJ who is most famous for his songs “Boten Anna” and “DotA”. Many who do know those songs are unaware that Basshunter has done many other songs that are definitely superior to the two mentioned. So the mix in the project consists of truly what I believe to be the best of Basshunter, free of any boten anna/dotA music whatsoever.


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