Various (10+)

Genre: Dance/Action

“Broken Heart (Exit Lights Mix)” Falling Up
“Don’t Stop (Cagedbaby Mix)” InnerPartySystem
“The Bells (Angelspit Mix)” I:Scintilla
“Falling Down (Creeping Pulse Mix)” The Birthday Massacre
“Don’t Stop (Original Mix)” InnerPartySystem
“Grind” Deprogrammed

Intro – Chiikaboom – Munto TV
Track1 – Chiikaboom – Chaos;Head
Track 2 – StrawberryKissStudio – Darker Than Black
Track3 – KushiiSmiles – Dragonaut The Resonance
Track4 – MentalProdigy – Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (Manga)
Track5 – Syliyn – Shigofumi
Track6 – Inverse – Claymore
Track7 – VeeBeeAMV – Shikabane Hime
Track8 – Laerium – Ga Rei Zero
Track9 – xPockying – Bakemonogatari
Track10 – WhispersxReloaded – Hellsing Ultimate
Track11 – VivifxAMV – Dance in the Vampire Bund
Track12 – YorleniProductions – Vampire Knight (Manga)

Download: Direct |

Notes: This is an electronic rock MEP I started on a whim – but I wanted to branch out from the normal “trance” music kind of MEPs and incorporate some kind of theme this time around. The project for the most part centers on characters and their internal conflicts.

In the end, this project turned out amazingly badass, major props to everyone who participated!

For those curious, the title NITERIDER derives from the original name of InnerPartySystem’s song “Redemption”. I originally planned to use the song in the actual project itself, which is why the project was titled as such. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to fit in the song, but the name had stuck already so I saw no point in changing it.




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