Sailor Moon
Pretty Cure (Heartcatch, Smile, Fresh, Doki Doki, Suite, Happiness Charge)
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Tokyo Mew Mew

Genre: Action/Upbeat

Song: “Megalovania” Toby Fox (Metal cover by RichaadEB)

Credits: “Megalovania” Toby Fox

Download: Direct |

Notes: “You feel like you’re gonna have a rad time.” (⌐■_■)

At this point I’m pretty sure it’s safe to assume magical girls + metal is my aesthetic now. Also, someone really needs to animate all of Undertale so I can properly edit with it. Seriously. I’m in love. Pleaaase.


Megalovania is cool. Saw there was a metal cover of it.  Threw some magical girls on the timeline to see if it’d work. 3 days later – bam. I’ve edited with heavy metal before, but honestly this… type (I guess?? have I offended any metalheads yet) isn’t really the kind of music I would normally edit to. The solo in the second half of the song was a bit challenging, but I’m happy with it.

Seriously though someone pleee e a ase animate Undertale I need to edit with this shit. Am I gonna have to do some kind of M@D style video….. are you guys really gonna put me through that…