Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Crystal

Genre: Drama

Song: “World On Fire” Les Friction

Credits: “Lies (Zeds Dead Remix)” Marina & The Diamonds

Download: Direct |

“Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home.”
– Tecumseh

I wanted this video to somehow portray the importance of childhood heroes. Oddly enough, Usagi was never a childhood hero of mine – but she became one to me during adulthood. The whole “power of love” thing is cliche and overdone, but I think people brush off how powerful those messages are just because you see it a lot.

Sailor Moon wouldn’t be sailor moon if it wasn’t for those cheesy messages about how true love overcomes all, but even as someone who is almost 24 I still think those messages are pretty damn important.


2 thoughts on “Lacrimosa

  1. What is the name of the writing in the credits?

  2. Beautiful AMV, I love the usage of Crystal and the original anime. I think Crystal really brought a powerful emphasis to the scenes. Excellent work as always, I await your next masterpiece patiently. ^_^


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