Fluffy Kittens And Rainbows



Various (50+)

Genre: Action/Parody

Song: “I’m Back” Dope

Credits: “Undead” Hollywood Undead

Download: Direct |

Notes: A silly video meant to poke fun at elitism surrounding AMVs, and overall attitudes toward what can and can’t be “art”. The idea of this was to take plenty of overused footage, mostly ones used in so called “artistic” AMVs, and show that anyone with the most basic knowledge of editing can combine said footage with literally any kind of music, because these kind of scenes can be interpreted in any way you want (scenes of girls with their hair blowing in the wind, turning around dramatically, etc).

This video wasn’t meant to be taken seriously – but somehow people ended up being incredibly offended by this. Let me clarify – there is absolutely nothing wrong with using this kind of footage and making these kind of AMVs for fun. I only have a problem with people taking this footage, putting it to some /deep/ sounding trance song, and attaching some cliche artistic meaning to it.

tl;dr edit whatever the flying fuck you want and stop trying so hard to associate the pretentious ideas of *art* with the AMV community.

One thought on “Fluffy Kittens And Rainbows

  1. i really love this amv !!! i can’t watch it on youtube anymore in my country i’m so glad i found it here!!! great work!!!


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