Splash Star Pretty Cure
Yes! Pretty Cure 5
Fresh Pretty Cure
Heartcatch Pretty Cure
Suite Pretty Cure
Smile Pretty Cure
Doki Doki Pretty Cure
Happiness Charge Pretty Cure

Genre: Dance/Upbeat

Song: “Doki Doki Morning” BABYMETAL

Credits: “Line!” BABYMETAL

Download: Direct |


Little girls, big splosions (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Life has been all kinds of crap to me lately so I went ahead and made myself an early birthday present (I’m gonna be 24 you guys, 24! Unreal). Just something colorful and fun. I’ve been wanting to do this combination for quite some time now anyway. Lots of transformation and magic sequences, because I can.

Dedicated to Ileia cause she also loves pink and edited with pretty cure that one time.


8 thoughts on “DOKI ♥ DOKI

  1. So good!! ! I’m sad that youtube has to copyright it so I can only watch it here ugh

  2. As always Chi does it right. Google/YouTube has gotten really strange about copyright interpretation lately and your quality of work shines thru. I don’t think it was babymetal’s song that was in question here though, but the pretty cure anime licenses…(damn funimation starting this again)
    Love this video though, keep up the great work and happy birthday

  3. I always watch your videos when things get crappy and they cheer me up! I hope creating them brings you as much joy as I get watching them!

  4. I’m watching all Pretty Cure right now and this AMV makes me hype and excited when I watch it.

  5. Awesome video! Amazing job! sucks youtube bocked it, but glad can still watch it here 😀

  6. Would’ve enjoyed it, but I was in such foul and horrible mood once got it to play that I couldn’t. Online video players these days are clearly designed by sadists.

  7. That owas great, thank you.


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