Beta Testing

Do you need help on becoming a great AMV editor? I can help! Send me your videos and I can offer some tips and tricks to improve.

General Rules

– I will only open beta testing for short periods of time. Please do not apply when it is closed.
– One video per beta test.
– Please only send your own videos, do not ask me to beta test others.
– Do not spam me with requests for several videos. For every 10 videos I beta test, you are only allowed to apply with one video. Do not ask for another beta test until the quota starts over.
I will be 100% honest with my beta tests. Do not expect ego fodder. I will absolutely not flame or bash your video, but I will be very particular with the editing, whether things are synched properly, where the flow may be off, etc etc. Do not equate my criticisms with being an asshole. If you sincerely want to improve, I want to help you in any way I can!
– In the form field “Specifics”, please select what part of the video you want the most critique on. In “Elaborate” please explain what else you want critiqued, or any other things I should know.

Currently Closed – Please do not apply!