Soul Eater

Genre: Character Profile/Action

Song: “Do You Want To Fight Me?” Venus Hum

Credits: N/A

Download: Direct |

Notes: Character profile on Maka Albarn, the protagonist from Soul Eater. When I heard this song she was the first character that popped into my mind – since I always thought Maka herself was a really cool character (plus it’s very rare for a shonen series to have a female protagonist, especially one as awesome as her) so I thought she was very deserving of her own video.

Heed my warning, however – the song is very glitchy and I used a lot of TV simulator for this. If you hate that effect with the passion of a thousand burning suns, I suggest skipping this one.

One thought on “Bellicose

  1. I love your work n_n One thing is bugging me though, what the heck is your title music here? It sounds awesome yet I can find no mention of it anywhere T_T


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