Art Commissions


Status: CLOSED

General Rules

•  All prices are in USD. Please convert if you are paying in any other currency.
•  All commissions are for personal use. Please inform me ahead of time if you intend to use any commission commercially.
Prints of commissions are available upon request. Your mailing address will be required & the commissioner is responsible for all shipping costs.
• I will not start any art commission until payment has been received in full.
• I do commissions in order I receive the request, so if there are several slots filled before you, I wont be able to get to your request right away. Please be patient.
• Depending on the complexity and content of image, base prices are subject to change.


My preferred payment method is Paypal.
I will also accept money orders, cash through mail, western union, etc.




Chibi: 8$ example
Bust: 12$ example
Full: 20$ example

Full CG

Chibi: 30$ example
Bust: 35$ example
Full: 50$ example
Complex: 70$+ example

Additional Characters

Chibi: +10$
Bust: +15$
Half Body: +20$
Full Body: +40$