Another Eternity


Akatsuki No Yona

Genre: Character Profile/Sentimental

Song: “Begin Again” Purity Ring

Credits: “Hazy Shade of Winter” Hidden Citizens

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Notes: Man I sure do a lot of character profile videos. Probably because I watch anime mainly for awesome characters. I can watch a series with crap writing as long as the characters are written well enough, can’t really enjoy a series the same way if its vice versa. Luckily for AnY, it has both things going for it. When my sis and I started watching it zeno appeared in the opening and I pointed at the screen and said “Him. He’s gonna be my fav. He’s gonna break my heart and it’s gonna be great”. Little did i know he’d only appear in the last episode… so naturally I went to read the manga and……… oh boy…..

I’ve actually wanted to do this video for a looooong time. Initially it was going to be an MMV, but lets be real i’m not very good at editing with manga, nor do I have much fun editing with manga, nor do I even really enjoy MMVs. Lucky for me some zeno-centric ovas came out recently! So I basically put the video on hold until the ovas came out (the first one i spent 100$ on the damn dvd). Too bad chapter 100 never got animated, but lets be real, if it did i’d have a stroke.

Overall i’m happy with how this turned out! Spent about 48 hours straight just getting the last chorus the way I wanted though….. and got so into it in the last quarter that I forgot to eat whoops.